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Shall we go out? 7 класс
03.11.2014, 21:50

Plan of the lesson N13


English language

Term: I

Grade: 7


Theme of the lesson

Shall we go out?


Teacher’s book, student’s book, workbook, CD

Object/ Цель

Students will form communication skills, overcome language barrier; to form the analyzing skills; workgroup skills; to enlarge vocabulary stock.

Prospective results

Students will practice comprehensive skills through listening and reading.  Some students will be able to find necessary info in the dialogue, correct the false sentences, make up their own dialogues.

Key ideas

Places to visit

Materials and equipment

Stickers, paper, markers, smileys, flash drive.


Tasks/ задания


45 min





Smiling shake  each other’s hands and wish a nice day. Stand in the line according to the alphabetical order of the students’ surnames. Divide into four groups.

Phonetic drill


Tongue twister: thirty three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.

Checking the h/w


Retelling the  text

Warm up


Choose the speakers and leaders. Remind the group’s rules. Read new words then put them into the sentences. Add the countries where they are situated. Use dictionaries if it is necessary. Write them down on the paper. Change the paper with the other groups.  Then listen and check up, translate.

Physical activity



Working on the dialogue


Work in groups. Listen and read the dialogue p.36,ex.2a

Drill some sentences: shall we go out?

What shall we do? Why don’t we go on the London Eye? How about taking a boat trip? Let’s take a boat trip.

do the task: 1)ex.2c-1,  2)ex.2c-2, 3)p.37ex.2d  4)make up your own dialogue, use suggestions from the dialogue. Look at the board and check up.



Students write on the stickers  what they have known at the lesson, how they feel at the end of the lesson. Hang the stickers on the blackboard under the smiley.


Ex. 6 p. 21  Ex. 1,2, p 42



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